Services are the trades, products, expertise, talents and skills you have to offer. Ensure you make the title of your service very brief e.g. Expert Auto Repairer, , Excellent Lawyer, AuwaKlean Services, Creative Web Designer, etc. Also, ensure you have an image (250×250) that describe your service. After posting your services, various prospects can purchase or patronize your service. Prospects pay to the company for your service before you commence work. Company pay you after you have completed the service and the customer confirms delivery and satisfaction. 


  • Click ‘Post New’ at the top or ‘Post New Task/Service’ on the left side main menu of member area.
  • Click ‘Post A Service’ tab.
  • Fill all require details about the service giving full description of what you do, your location, your charges and number of days you’ll complete work and click ‘Next’  (If the category of your service is not in our system, raise a support ticket to customer care. It shall be updated).
  • Fill additional details. Choose business type . Click ‘Next’.
  • See preview of your post. If you’re not pleased with the preview, click ‘Go Back’ and correct it, else click ‘Next’.
  • Make payments from your account credits.
  • Click ‘Finalize Service Posting’.

You are done! You can click home to see your task on the homepage.

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