Tasks are the jobs, projects or chores you want to get done. Ensure you make the title of your task very brief e.g. fix my car, make my hair, need a lawyer, clean my house, build my website, etc. Also, ensure you have an image (250×250) that describe your task. After posting your task, various professionals can place their bid to execute the task at various cost. You will choose and hire a bidder that appeals to your desire and budget. With this you can get j obs done easily with good quality at very low cost.



  • Click ‘Post New’ at the top or ‘Post New Task/Service’ on the left side main menu of member area.
  • Click ‘Post A Task’ tab.
  • Fill all require details about the task giving full description of what you want, your location and the budget you have for the task and click ‘Next’ (If the category of your task is not in our system, raise a sopport ticket to customer care. It shall be updated).
  • Fill additional details and click ‘Next’.
  • See preview of your post. If you’re not pleased with the preview, click ‘Go Back’ else click ‘Next’.
  • Click ‘Finalize Task Posting’.

You are done! Wait for few minutes for Site Admin to approve your task. You can then click home to see your task on the homepage. If your task is now approved after one hour, click ‘Support’ on user menu and raise a support ticket to customer care.


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